Amidst Deluge and Flooding around Houston, Sonic Automotive Staff Members Lent a Hand

Hurricane Harvey dropped trillions of gallons and multiple feet of rain on Houston and other parts of southeast Texas, resulting in thousands of displaced community members. In response, staff members from Land Rover Houston North and other area Sonic Automotive dealerships took action.

Executive Vice President of Operations for Sonic Automotive Jeff Dyke hauled a trailer full of supplies from Dallas to Houston. After reaching the flooded areas, he and staff members from dealerships like Land Rover Houston North hopped on boats to go help trapped community members.

Team members at Audi Central Houston lent their support through a supply drive at their location.

Here at Land Rover North Houston, we're continuing our efforts to help the area recover. We're open for business and ready to provide any post-flood services you may need. We won't sell any flood-damaged cars, and we're replenishing our new inventory with vehicles from outside the state. We can also appraise and take in your flood-damaged vehicle.

If you have any questions or need support, call us at (888) 882-3832.

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