Move Over Laws Save Lives

The Land Rover Houston North dealership is currently in the process of ensuring that more citizens of America are aware of the move over law. So many deaths are related to hitting policemen, firemen and ambulance workers while they do their jobs on the highway.

Pulling over on the side of the road has to be safer for emergency responders, roadside workers and other motorists in need of a safe place. The move over law is an effective way to decrease the number of deaths associated with those who are operating those vehicles with emergency flashing lights.

So, what exactly is the move over law all about? Well, if you were to come up on a vehicle that is pulled over on the side of the road with emergency flashing lights, like those of a police officer, fireman and ambulance, you must slow your vehicle and change lanes into the next one over away from the shoulder. This way you are providing more space for those individuals to work safely.

There are 71% of citizens who are unaware of the move over law, according to Mason Dixon Rolling & Research. Let’s educate more Americans and save more lives.

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