The 2018 Range Rover Sport SVR Completes the Dragon Challenge in Record-Breaking Time

Sometimes, warriors do the unthinkable. That's just what happened along Tianmen Road in China, where a 2018 Range Rover Sport twisted, turned and climbed its way to Heaven's Gate faster than any of its predecessors.

Taking Tianmen Road in the Range Rover Sport

Driver Ho-Pin Tung took the 2018 Range Rover Sport along Tianmen Road, where he led it to complete 99 grueling turns and 999 steep steps faster than ever before. Locals consider the road to be a gesture of mythology and aliveness, making this feat just as symbolic as it is concrete. This SUV, which is powered by a supercharged V8 engine and produces 575 horsepower, completed the challenge in just 22 minutes 41 seconds. The latest Range Rover Sport is the fastest ever Land Rover to hit any road thus far.

While Houston may not have a thoroughfare like the one the Range Rover Sport conquered, there's no denying that this Land Rover model will take charge of The Woodlands and City Centre alike. Test drive this all-new vehicle along Interstate 45 at Land Rover Houston North, where an award-winning staff waits to take you for a spin.

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