Futuristic Range Rover Sport Stars in Hulu Original Series

Everyone is always giving recommendations for shows to binge watch, and we're no different here at Land Rover Houston North. The Hulu series The First is our pick, not only because it stars two-time Academy Award winner Sean Penn and a stellar cast, but also because it gives us a glimpse into the future of space exploration, along with "future" vehicles from Land Rover.

The show, which takes place in 2030, is about the first people set to explore Mars, and in the series, you'll note that a futuristic Range Rover Sport is seen throughout as it transports the characters. This future look still has the hallmarks of a Range Rover Sport and the Land Rover brand, but features a future where door handles and tinted windows are either a thing of the past or take on a whole new meaning.

In the present, options like the Range Rover Sport give you the chance to drive a prominent and prestigious luxury SUV, which has capable on- and off-road abilities thanks to the likes of Terrain Response and other modern technological features. You'll also find quality connectivity, safety, and luxury onboard the Range Rover Sport, and all other new vehicles available.

No matter where the Land Rover Range Rover brand goes in the future, you can be assured that standout technology, capability, and luxury are at the forefront. If you'd like to learn more, come see us in our showroom next to Star Furniture. At Land Rover Houston North, you'll find a quality luxury showroom experience and a highly-rated dealership experience with our friendly and accommodating staff.

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