Land Rover InControl® is a technological suite of driver-assistance features and applications that keeps you connected to the outside world when you're on the move outside of Houston. InControl works diligently alongside you even when you're outside of your Land Rover vehicle, constantly monitoring your experience to make it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Infotainment & Connectivity

Equipped with an all-new, intuitive multimedia system, Land Rover InControl® manages everything from your incoming calls and your choice of media to the customization of your climate control and your navigation preferences. Featuring an eight-inch touchscreen display with swipe controls, this inventive multimedia system seamlessly connects you and your vehicle to what's happening around you even when you're traveling off the grid.

Incorporating an advanced navigation system with 3D maps and voice recognition software, the Land Rover InControl® system utilizes hands-free technology to optimize and streamline your adventures outside of Houston on I-45. Connecting your smartphone to your Land Rover has never been easier, allowing the InControl® system to accurately enhance your in- and out-of-vehicle experience with real-time updates to ensure you never miss a beat while traveling.

Remote & Protect™

Designed to optimize your Land Rover InControl® user experience, the Remote & Protect™ feature works to keep you connected even when least expect it. Download the Remote & Protect™ application on your smartphone and check your fuel levels, find your vehicle in a crowded area and check to make sure your vehicle is locked all with the touch of a button. If you need emergency assistance on the road, the Remote & Protect® application can automatically reach out and share your location and diagnostic information to the local authorities and will ensure your safety by acting as a reliable beacon of connectivity.

Learn More About Land Rover InControl®

To learn more about the innovative capabilities of the Land Rover InControl® system, we encourage Houston drivers to visit us online or join us in-person at Land Rover Houston North, located near the New Grand Parkway in Houston.

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