Don't let a bad battery hinder you the next time you're inspired to adventure outside of Houston. Whether you're tackling the New Grand Parkway or embarking on the roads less traveled outside of the city, the success of your commute depends on the health of your Land Rover's battery. Enlist the help of Land Rover Houston North to ensure your battery is optimized for the roads ahead with expert battery maintenance and repair from our trustworthy service department.

Why Are Batteries Important?

Your Land Rover's battery is the essential source of energy for powering all the electrical components in your vehicle, including the engine, fuel system, headlights and a variety of other internal electrical features. Without a properly functioning battery, you won't be able to go as far as even starting your vehicle, which is an inconvenience nobody wants to experience on the roads in Houston.

How Do I Know When I Need a New Battery?

Signs that you need to replace or recharge your battery include:

  • Dim lights and electrical issues
  • Slow starting/ non-starting engine
  • Check engine light is on
  • Corroded connectors
  • Bad smell emitting from the engine bay

What is the Process To Replace My Battery?

It’s a general rule of thumb to replace your battery every three to five years. When the time comes, our service technicians will remove the old battery, clean up the area inside your engine bay and then reinstall the new battery before setting it up with the appropriate cables. Our service team will even go as far as protecting the life of your new battery by using an anti-corrosion formula to increase its lifespan and longevity.

Why Choose Land Rover Houston North For Your Battery-Related Services?

Not only is our certified team of service professionals knowledgeable in handling all your Land Rover battery-service needs, but we strive to provide our valued customers in Houston with a stress-free and transparent environment when the time comes to get your battery replaced. At our North Houston service center, we'll replace and fix your battery expeditiously while you enjoy our complimentary customer lounge complete with hi-speed Wi-Fi, snacks, coffee and a children's play area.

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