Clearly, you appreciate the finer things and recognize outstanding value, since you drive a Land Rover. Continue to showcase your wisdom, then, by making sure to have your Land Rover or Range Rover serviced on a regular basis. One of the most essential services you should keep up with is having your oil changed on a consistent schedule.

The professionals in our Service Center are uniquely equipped to take care of anything your Land Rover or Range Rover needs, since they're factory-trained and use the latest equipment to diagnose and repair your SUV. When you trust them to handle your Land Rover oil change, you're benefitting from their skills and knowledge, while also ensuring that everything is done according to Land Rover standards.

Keeping up-to-date with your oil changes keeps your engine running efficiently and smoothly, delivering better fuel efficiency and extending the engine's lifespan. Since engine oil is essential to keeping the moving parts of the engine lubricated, you want to keep it clean and particle-free. By changing your engine oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, as per Land Rover recommendations, you're able to keep that oil fresh and flowing, allowing everything to operate at peak efficiency.

If you've noticed that your engine appears to be running louder, or you catch a whiff of an odd smell, you're probably due for an oil change. Contact us, your top Land Rover dealership in Houston, and schedule an appointment to have our expert technicians take a look. We'll get you in, fixed up, and back to your busy schedule in no time at all!

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